Code of conduct

Making the decision to start home educating can be very daunting, especially if you have never met families in a similar situation and are maybe feeling pressure from family, friends and the mainstream education establishment.  


At this point it can be helpful to talk with other families who home educate, to voice your concerns, find out more about the realities of daily home life and to talk through the processes involved should you decide to proceed along these lines. 

Before joining any group it is helpful to find out more about the relevance of the group for your family. Again, talking through the practicalities of what really happens if you decide to become a Leaning Zone member can be useful.  Are there other families with children of similar ages and interests?  How much does home education cost?  What is expected of me as a parent?  Will my child miss out?  How do I offer things to the group?  There can be many questions.  

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