About Us

Who are we?

The Isle of Wight Learning Zone was founded in 1999 by home educating families who wanted a social network for Island families seeking to educate their children within their homes and through the many places of interest, special events and numerous resources all over the Island.


The organisation grew and was registered as a charity to better enable us to access and provide support, activities and resources for all our members. 

As a result we have been able to arrange bigger events such as field trips to the mainland and Europe, camping/hiking/cycling excursions, plays and theatre productions, and become involved with nationwide science events. 

We are a member-led organisation meaning members direct the activities of the group organising events, arranging social get-togethers, and sharing skills and interests. 

Members are invited to meet regularly to plan events and share ideas.

As a result there is always lots going on from exciting big projects to simply getting together for a play and a cuppa!

Stay in Touch

Members can keep informed about the events members have organised through the Members Area on the website. 

Our Facebook page has posts from members to discuss ideas for events and to post relevant information. All events are posted here too. 

We also have Instagram where you can see photos from recent events.